Thursday, October 1, 2015

Motor linear relationships with photo quality

Now used by Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile electronic devices, often meet mobile terminal cameras focusing speed and quality. In the evaluation of motor test, linear motors is an important indicator, motor linear degrees directly related to mobile devices focus speed and quality. Linearity when the motor is bad, easy to create the out of focus or focus, and image blur. Linearity caused motor bad for the following main reasons: Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

1, bad motor body: motor sport bad linearity curve, the curve is too high or too low.

2, Assembly process: glue and the camera's weight exceeds the load of the motor itself, leading to insufficient motor sport driver, the curve is too low; glue penetration or too much, stuck motor will cause the motor to promote anything, unable to focus.

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3, a number of other reasons: If the torque is too great, resulting in damage to the motor.

Module at the factory must ensure that the motor is working properly, first through control processes to reduce the factors contributing to poor motor, and by some measures to prevent bad module shipment to the client. Laser measuring instrument linearity testing curve of the motor test motor one way:

Below is a normal motor curves graph abscissa is a current value, the ordinate is a motor trip, the blue curve is the motor forward movement of the curve from the origin, the green line is drawn through two points of a straight line. Coincidence degree of the curves of the blue and green line higher, shows the linearity of the motor as possible. From this curve, we can calculate the motor's starting current, maximum range and motor retardation and other data. By testing multiple motor curves you can determine the linearity of the consistency is good or not.

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